Merchandise Store

Introduction to Merchandise Store

The Merchandise Store is a successful income-generating store contributing towards the sustainability of CAFDA. It is totally reliant on concerned and caring individuals who donate of their unwanted good conditioned items and the business community who donate unwanted goods, slow-moving or redundant stocks. The goods are sold at low prices to the community who can furnish their homes at a fraction of a cost.

All clothing not sold after 3 months is distributed to communities living in surrounding squatter camps.

In times of strife when squatter's homes burn down, CAFDA rushes to their aid with emergency relief and we utilise the donations which we have received.

History of the CAFDA Merchandise Store

CAFDA launched its Merchandise Store in June 1997 at its premises in Grassy Park. As time went by and the Administrative Offices moved to the Retreat Road premises, the Merchandise store was then also re-located to Retreat Road premises.

Towards the end of 2013 the store has re-located back to the Grassy Park premises. The new address is:

Corner Prince George Drive and 8th Avenue, GRASSY PARK.


We appeal for donations of good-conditioned unwanted items eg.

  • Children's clothing, school uniforms and shoes
  • Men's clothing and shoes
  • Functioning electrical appliances - fridges, stoves, microwave ovens, televisions, musical equipment
  • Functioning computer hardware
  • Beds and bedding
  • Lounge and Dining-Room suites
  • Toys, bicycles, puzzles
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Sports Equipment
  • Wardrobes, chest of drawers

We do collections on a daily basis - please call us.

Contact us on 021 530 1636 or on 062 685 0176

If you are busy cleaning out your homes or garages and don’t know what to do with your unwanted goods.

Look no further, you could either drop it at the Merchandise store or we will gladly collect.

Your Unwanted Goods are our Wanted Treasures.

“together we will make it better”

Donate online on our BackaBuddy page