About Us

The name of the Association is THE CAPE FLATS DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION, also known as " CAFDA". CAFDA's role is to serve the Cape Flats community through restorative support for the entire family and to create educational and social opportunities for the community.


Resilient, optimally functioning families and communities that care for, protect and develop their children.


To provide a range of social welfare and development programs and services that promote stable family and community life.

  1. To promote stable families and communities through appropriate social welfare programs and services, inclusive of
    1. Statutory Services
    2. Foster Care Services
    3. Assessment and Re-Construction Services
    4. Family Re-Unification Services
    5. HIV/Aids Support Services
  1. To educate, empower and uplift the communities it serves and promote self-reliance through Community Development Programmes, inclusive of
    1. Skills Development Programs
    2. Sustainable Livelihood Programs
    3. Arts and Craft Production
    4. Junior Resource Centre
    5. Seniors Support Services
  2. To ensure the continuous protection and preservation of the Association's indigenous environment and heritage.

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